- Nov 5, 2013
These examples of baby advertising will evoke a wide range of emotions; from giddiness to laughter and even outrage, these baby campaigns take it to all sorts of levels.

Using babies in marketing strategies is a very smart move. Babies are adorable and it is very difficult to find someone who can keep a straight face while looking at a photo or watching a commercial featuring a big-eyed, cuddly little baby. They are adorable and tend to captivate those around them.

Brands outside the baby industry have taken this into consideration. Giving babies adult-like features such as beards, wild tattoos and adult-size limbs is a clever way to capture someone's attention.

These ads and commercials will certainly have you smiling and leave you longing for a baby in your arms -- even if you're not actually ready for a baby of your own. Either way, these examples of baby advertising will provide a quick if temporary fix.

From Messy Baby Advertisements to Smoking Unborn Baby Ads: