The Tony Kelly American Apparel Ad is Hilarious and Enthralling

The most recent Tony Kelly American Apparel ad takes a step out of the box and into a realm of infinite possibility. Normally racy, striking and sometimes aggressive, the photos of the incredibly talented Tony Kelly are always fun to look at. Most known for shooting the always controversial American Apparel ad campaigns, the photog has now shot this hilariously entertaining video ad for the fashion apparel company that is bound to go viral.

Having shot for GQ, Playboy and Vanity Fair, the Tony Kelly American Apparel video shows how the photographer has taken a step out of his comfort zone.

Kelly's website describes the photographer's style: "Tony Kelly´s fashion photography trademarks are dynamism, sex, relationships, boundaries that are transgressed, beautiful men, beautiful women, ugly emotions, ecstasy, ferocious colour, darkest black and total dedication to the integrity of the shoot. Enjoy the Show."

We certainly will -- with breakdancing babies, a beautiful view of the New York City skyline and powerful imagery like this, how can we not?