The MADE by Collection Showcases Beach Fantasy

Celebrating Internet subculture and impeccable design, the MADE by collection gives a fresh take to the Spring 2013 season.

This lookbook portrays a "sinister beach fantasy scene" that is captivating in more ways than one. For starters, it pairs moontan makeup with delectably printed design to make for new age beach babe look that dazzles. MADE also utilizes GIFs by Alis Pelleschi and Sara Penney to draw attention to the design's detailing and to add a surreal twist that fascinates. The added movement adds a modernist element to each look.

Photographer Alis Pelleschi captures the ultra-hip vibe of this Spring 2013 look book that was styled by Marion Bergin and Kathryn Blunden. Ultimately, the aesthetic seen in the MADE by look book sets a new standard for Spring 2013 goth mermaid.