From Social Media-Sourced Ads to Culinary Blogger Campaigns

 - Aug 20, 2015
In addition to reaching people by word of mouth, it's safe to say that most influencer marketing campaigns now aim to spread like wildfire on social media. Celebrities may still be some of the most powerful voices across the most popular social media platforms, but dozens of brands are instead asking star Instagram photographers, bloggers and Twitter users with huge audiences to lend their authentic voices to campaigns and collaborations.

A prime example of authentic infuencer marketing is the way in which Arak conducted its 2015 lingerie shoot. Rather than sourcing models to be airbrushed, the brand sent out disposable cameras and unmentionables to bloggers in order to crowdsource raw images for a lookbook.

A few clever marketers are even taking care to hone in on bloggers in a particular niche. For instance, the #SwifferDad campaign specifically features fathers who blog, while J.Crew's 'Little Mayhem' collection was created in partnership with the five-year-old dress designer behind Fashion by Mayhem.