Instabomb by C4 Lounge Shows How to Avoid the Unexpected

With the C4 Instabomb campaign, Citroën's C4 Lounge proves that it's a fun car as well as a safe one. The C4 Lounge has a reverse camera that was made the central focus of the C4 Instabomb campaign, targeting the most influential Instagram users in Brazil and any time these people posted a photobomb, the 'C4Instabomb' account would make a comment, explaining how these unexpected situations could be avoided with C4 Lounge's reverse camera.

The C4Instabomb account on Instagram is full of pictures and more information on the car, which got a lot of traffic from being on these highly popular photo posts.

Although the campaign did not interact with pictures as well as something like the Dallas Pets Alive! 'Muttbombing' campaign, the results managed to up the number of requests to test drive the C4 Lounge by 15%.