- Feb 2, 2014
The 90s were big years for fashion photography trends -- Tyra Banks became the first supermodel, and Vogue covers began showcasing more celebs than ever. 2013 mimics a lot of these patterns, except this year, lines were blurred as photographers became celebrities, models became role models and the best photo shoots happened without the help of hired stylists and studio lights.

If 2011 and 2012 were the years fashion bloggers replaced fashion journalists, 2013 was the year this new creature in couture, armed with the latest iPhone, a keen eye and a mass online following, replaced the model. Likewise, many photographers stepped out from behind the camera and into the spotlight, something most famously seen with this decade's most recognizable photographer, Terry Richardson.

Perhaps the most noteworthy fashion photography trends of 2013 were those that followed a pattern of amateur-glam. Instagram photography and candid shoots reigned supreme this year.

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