The Alexandra Cameron 'Free-Love' Editorial Snaps Free Spirits

In the Alexandra Cameron 'Free-Love' editorial, pixie-like models are captured soaking up the sun at home. The models lay by the window where the lighting is perfect as it highlights their facial structures and expressions.

With the natural lighting upon them, the models take in every part of the sun as they pose towards the light with seductive expressions. The style is very reminiscent of hippie culture as the girls have braids in their hair and wear large flower crowns. The lace dresses and fringed cardigans all give off a 70s vibe where the women showcase their free spirits in the light.

The Alexandra Cameron 'Free-Love' Editorial bring us to a place where a small amount of sunlight becomes enchanting and creates glorious goddess-esque photographs. Instead of living in fear and on the edge, the editorial encourages us to relax and live a free-spirited lifestyle.