Kelly Steffey Brings Out the Best of Nature to Display Its Beauty

 - Oct 1, 2011
References: kellysteffey & mymodernmet
Kelly Steffey is a self-proclaimed hippie who captures a wide range of lyrical emotions in every single one of her shots. With incredible sensuality, she blends nature and style to create beauty and mysticism.

Born in a farm in Alabama, Steffey has the vision and passion of a nature lover. She conceptualizes her work in a way that nature and her human subjects are explored to the maximum. She describes her source of inspiration, "Nothing inspires me more than the beauty and complexity of the outdoors. I also like to breath new life into old discarded garments, so almost all of what you see in my photos is recycled, vintage or thrift." The incorporation of a vintage perceptive in her photography adds a mesmerizing feeling of nostalgia and innocence; this feeling along with her female subjects evoke a world of fantasy and childhood dreams.

Further, Kelly Steffey is a talented, young photography whose works is charged with freedom and life.