- Jan 29, 2014
Hat season is approaching and wide brimmed hats are about to make a serious seasonal comeback. The classy and elegant look can be worn casually while shopping or out for cocktails at the yacht club. The hats are versatile and perfect for the spring 2014 season. Many of the styles can be worn well into summer for sun protection. Anything from floppy-hippie to Amish-like hats are suitable. The wide-brimmed hats come in many different styles and designs, with a similar general shape.

Celebrities have been sporting the classy and timeless wide-brimmed hats for ages. The wide brim can give off a bohemian vibe if paired with flowing, loose-fitting dresses. In contrast, the hats can give a completely different vibe if paired with preppy vibrant clothing like Hugh Heffner's Playboy Playmates' wide-brimmed country club hats.

Wide brimmed hats are a timeless investment and staple for any warm weather outfit.

From Bonnet-Bearing Blondes to Chic Birdy Hats: