The Vogue April 2012 'Oda al Blanco' Spread Exhibits Daring White Pieces

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: jeanfrancoiscampos & zac-fashion
The April 2012 edition of Vogue Latin America is set to feature photographer Jean-Fran├žois Campos' epic spread 'Oda al Blanco.' In collaboration with model Emily DiDonato, the spread includes an array of billowing spring pieces, perfect for the moderately temperate days ahead.

The Oda al Blanco series is different from the rest in that it solely showcases white pieces. Very little color is seen, except for some Easter-themed hints of pale blue and light green. To add to the dainty white-themed look, DiDonato is pictured in loosely flowered dresses and lace-clad fabric, an excellent match for the towering model.

With exceptionally wide-brimmed hats and a seductive cut-out trench coat, the Jean-Fran├žois Campos Oda al Blanco set has proven that sometimes, less actually is more.