- Jan 31, 2014
With the coldest days of the winter season upon us, not all is jolly and bright now that January is coming to an end. The start of a new month means that we are officially easing into to the year ahead and getting comfortable with 2014 life.

In contrast to whimsical views and winter wonderland portrayals, our extremely cold winter has been far from glamorous this year. Our recent and unfavourable weather conditions have given us a perfect excuse to cuddle up indoors and daydream about the perfect, snow-covered scenes portrayed in these Winter-Themed fashion editorials.

These wonderful photoshoots range from edgy ice queen captures to whimsical winter wonderland pictorials that resemble a life-sized snow globe scene or holiday story come to life. Conceived with beauty and imagination, these Winter-Themed fashion editorials tell the story of a perfect winter wonderland that is more about glamour than unbearably cold weather conditions.

From Fierce Ice Princess Captures to Haute Holiday Pictorials: