The Nicoline Patricia Malina ‘Immaculate Dream’ Series is

 - Jun 25, 2012
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Nicoline Patricia Malina’s recent series ‘Immaculate Dream’ is a surreal escape into the twilight-hued, languid fantasy of one young woman, as depicted by model Dara WargaNegara.

WargaNegara seems to not walk, but float through the otherworldly landscape that Malina has set before her. This illusion is made all the more convincing by the flowing, lightly colored dresses that Aldi Indrajaya has adorned the model in. The effect is completed by makeup artist Dewi Darmawa’s tactful and thoughtful accents to Indrajaya’s stylings and Malina’s setting; WargaNegara’s eyeshadow and hair blend harmoniously into both the clothing and blue-hued landscape. Of course, assistant photographers Melvin Roberto and Realita Styannes should be applauded for their work as well.

Given its setting, Immaculate Dream can be considered just as much landscape photography as it is fashion photography.