From Manga-Styled Spreads to Goth Anime Fashion

 - Aug 21, 2013
Incorporating fashion influences from around the world is a creative way to infuse diverse culture into a design, and these adorable anime-inspired styles are some fantastic examples of how influential Japanese cartoons have been on western culture.

The popularity surrounding Japanese cartoons has made its way worldwide, and despite having to read subtitles in order to understand the storyline, fans have become increasingly dedicated to the wide variety of anime shows and characters. Whether it's because of the unique cultural references, adult themes or creative imagery, anime cartoons and comics have become extremely influential for both children and adults. That's why there's no surprise as to why clothing retailers have incorporated anime influences into their designs as a way to cater to that market audience.

From modern manga streetwear to cozy anime capes, these unique anime-inspired styles will surely have you feeling like a flamboyant cartoon character in no time.