The "Lolita" Look

 - Sep 30, 2008   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: community.livejournal
Lolitas are young men and women who are embracing the styles of the Addams Family.

A photographer first noticed Lolitas at a small comic book convention, but now the style has spread, and it's even been documented in New York City.

Goth, Anime and even Cosplay are integrated into this new fun clothing style. The fashion fad has many offsprings, including Elegant Gothic Lolitas, Erotic Lolitas, Gory Lolitas, Sweet Lolitas and White Lolitas.

Implications - These Lolitas are not to be confused with the most legendary Lolita, that of Russian author Vladimir Nabokov's controversial 1955 novel, "Lolita." Regardless, these outfits and people are notable for their commitment to style.