Extra Large Contact Lenses For Cartoon-Style Eyes

 - Aug 10, 2008
References: gngcontact & inventorspot
The extra large contact lenses from G&G are fast growing in popularity because they make the wearers look like characters from the anime cartoons.

As opposed to regular contact lenses, the color is extended to the outer rim of the lenses making the eyes look bigger. The lenses can also be custom made to your prescription and will last for a year which makes them good value for money.

The idea behind it is to give the wearer a more wide-eyed, innocent, cute look. Now it's one thing wanting to improve your image, and even wanting to look like your favorite movie or pop star, but aspiring to look like a cartoon?

Not to mention the fact that the girls in the photo look like they have their eyes pegged open, or have been taking too much of an illegal substance.

But then again, we all have different ideas of what is beautiful!