'What's the Manga With Me?' Showcases Hot Anime Outfits

Nicola Formichetti shines the spotlight on iconic Japanese manga and anime characters in 'What's The Manga With Me?' 'What's The Manga With Me?' is an editorial for Vogue Hommes Japan #6 in which Formichetti combines Japanese manga and anime icons like Gloomy Bear and Hello Kitty with the titans of the fashion world like Dior Homme, Prada, etc.

There is something about seeing Gloomy Bear's paw in a big-time fashion photoshoot that just warms your heart. This shoot is filled with hot fashions sure to please any fashionista and enough subtle and overt anime and manga references to send the convention floor at Comic-Con into a tizzy. If you consider yourself a lover of all things fashion and all things anime, then you're definitely going to want to check this shoot out. My dream of a Dragonball Z editorial is one step closer to becoming a reality.