- Dec 9, 2013
The world of Japanese anime and manga can be bizarre and confusing to navigate, as well as frustrating for those who just want good anime gifts for the anime nerd in their lives. These gifts range from nostalgic fashion shout-outs to tasty anime-inspired treats and gadgets.

There are Sailor Moon sweaters and jewelry, anime figure flash drives, biker jackets, bibs, bow ties, sleep masks and even anime-inspired hair gel (get that famous Super Saiyen hair). There are girly gifts and guy gifts too (what guy wouldn’t want a busty mouse pad?), kids gifts, adult gifts and everything that anime fans across the spectrum will love. Don’t get lost trying to distinguish Dragon Ball from Naruto, or who Sailor Scout is. Ease the gift hunt with these fabulous anime gifts and give the anime fan in your life something to remember.

From Manga Mashup Toy Animals to Mangafied Vases: