Anime Fans Go Mad for Pocky

 - Oct 28, 2008
References: intothesea
Product placement has gone from movies to manga, the latest example being the appearance of Pocky in Japanese cartoons.

Pocky is a type of extremely thin cookie, or biscuit-like stick, coated in flavors like strawberry or chocolate. It’s the sweet coating that gives you the perfect sugar rush for producing the next ‘Death Note’ style manga series.

Pocky was an instant hit among Japanese teenagers, making over 30 billion yen in the first 2 years, despite tasting like cardboard! When it started to be featured in popular anime and manga series, it became a cult candy, driving fans everywhere to buy them by the tonne.

In an anime convention in London, Pocky sold out in mere minutes!

Celebrate a happy Pocky Day on November 11 at 11:11!

(Because 1 represents a Pocky stick)