From Robotic Bumper Cars to Contemporary Circus Couture

 - Jun 3, 2013
These 100 circus-themed products allow circus fans everywhere to romanticize circus culture and fantasize about becoming an acrobat or a trapeze artist.

If you’re looking to throw a circus-themed party, some cotton candy-inspired cookies might be the perfect treat for party guests alongside a cotton candy cake. For those looking to channel their inner circus performer through their clothing, some haute clown couture would be a great way to show off your goofy but high-fashion side.

Circus fans with a deeper wallet than most might want to look into purchasing some robotic bumper cars to increase the fun of their otherwise circus-empty days. Even furry friends can join in on the circus appreciation with a cute carnival canine costume.

Circuses have been romanticized for centuries and these 100 circus-themed products prove that circus culture will continue to affect fashion, photography and even food.