These Costumed Hobbit Cosplayers from Spain are Epically Adorable

 - Feb 17, 2013
References: reddit & geekologie
There are fans all over the internet making their own middle earth tales through Hobbit cosplay, but this one in particular goes above and beyond.

Shared over Reddit by user The_Neon_Knight, the Hobbit cosplay in question involves two very young children in a cage surrounded by costumed adult Orcs who are just happy that meat is back on the menu. Honestly, the fact that they cast two very happy looking kids as the incarcerated Hobbits makes this image the kind of thing the Internet was invented for. The picture is part of a Spanish school's Carnival celebrations, which are currently in full effect in Spain and feature loads of people in costume.

I don't think the toddler Hobbits would look so pleased if they realized that Orcs eat Hobbits, but what can you do?