From Sci-Fi Patterned Stockings to Hobbit-Inspired Hosiery

 - Apr 2, 2014
You can be an undercover fan with these geek chic socks. It's okay to be obsessed with something nerdy like hobbits or superheros but unfortunately you can't dress like your favorite heroes every day unless you're at a comic-con.

With these socks, you can discretely celebrate your inner geek. Drawing inspiration from beloved nerdy franchises, these socks come in different colors and designs. You can be an undercover superhero with caped superhero socks, or even a villain with Joker-inspired hosiery. You can even keep your feet warm with a look that's out of this world with Star Wars and Star Trek-inspired socks.

These socks are ideal for pairing with nerdy cosplay outfits but you can also keep your fandom under control by pairing these socks with everyday outfits. You can be as nerdy as you want and it'll all be hidden under your pant legs.