From Surreal LEGO Cityscapes to Building Block Sculptures

 - Aug 22, 2014
If you happen to be a fan of playing with building blocks as a kid, then there's no doubt that you'll be intrigued by these LEGO-inspired architecture designs, which pays tribute to the infamous children's toy.

Bringing aspects of childhood play into contemporary architecture designs, these structures utilize distinct aspects of LEGO toys including bright colors, rectangular shapes and building block-style frameworks. Helping to transform ordinary buildings into flamboyant and visually provoking works of art, these LEGO-inspired buildings are bringing nostalgic aspects of youth into expansive cityscapes. From rainbow-colored building block architecture to toy-based headquarters, these LEGO-inspired structures are allowing architects to connect with their inner child, bringing out fun and playful aesthetics on traditionally minimalist structures.

Adding a splash of color to congested metropolitan cities, these LEGO-inspired architecture designs will instantly lighten up anyone's day.