The LEGO Apartment Presents an Alternative Style

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: letmebeinspired & bitrebels
LEGO sets have come a long way since their debut, with modern installments of the popular building blocks including such intricate themes as Atlantis and Ninjago, and now this is extended to modern interior design with the LEGO apartment by I-Beam Design.

Within the New York home is a stair beam constructed out of nearly 20,000 LEGO blocks. The visual design of the railing creates a flow of receding color up and down the stairs. 

The remainder of the LEGO apartment is composed of a color scheme and modern design that complements the composition of the LEGO-inspired interior display. Designed with the intention of creating a lot of open space within a fairly small environment, the LEGO apartment design is an intriguing adaptation of the classic building blocks.