- Aug 14, 2013
LEGO pieces are some of the most nostalgic children's toys around, and these playful LEGO-inspired products are showcasing just how influential these building block toys continue to be in this modern age.

Playing with LEGO pieces can be both a playful and entertaining experience. The ability to build anything you like from these miniature pieces of colorful blocks is such a creative way to expand a child's imaginative capabilities. It is that imaginative quality that LEGO encompasses that has resulted in all sorts of other retailers, from home decor to technology, to create products in the shape of this nostalgic children's toy.

From adorable mugs that feature colorful building block attachments to cameras and cellphone cases outfitted with toy block exteriors, these LEGO-inspired products will surely satisfy children and adults alike with its use of colorful toy-inspired references.

From Building Block-Friendly Mugs to Designer LEGO Handbags: