The PowerCubes Offer Versatile and Modular Outlets

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: dvice
The need for versatility and adaptability in the home due to the slew of technology constantly invading it has been addressed with the PowerCubes. The PowerCubes are a modular set of building block extension cords that come together to form larger power bars. Perfect for both the home and office, the PowerCubes ensure that people can arrange their outlets as needed rather than being slave to static solutions.

Recently unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the PowerCubes are available in four versions. The grey outlet, which is the most expensive model, comes with an extension cord, four outlets and two USB ports. The blue PowerCube has four outlets and two USB ports while the red one comes with an extension cord and five outlets. Finally, the green PowerCube has five outlets.