The Nanoblock Camera by Fuuvi is Charming and Convenient

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: fourcornerstore & fastcodesign
The Nanoblock Camera is an absolutely adorable piece of technology that will encourage many people to get into photography if Instagram hasn't yet. Especially those with an affinity for small things and classic building block toys. As Fast Co. Design puts it, the Nanoblock Camera "embodies everything that's great about childhood.

Designed by Fuuvi, a brand known for its mini cams like the one that looks like a cookie and the other a juice box, the Nanoblock Camera fits right in. It even acts as a USB for easier transfer of data when used.

As convenient as it is charming, the Nanoblock Camera is easily toted around and connects instantly to devices when needed. The quality of the pictures it takes are nothing to complain about as well.