LEGO Maniac Duplicates a Wii U Controller with iPad and Lots of LEGO

 - Jan 23, 2013
References: youtube & kotaku
With the responsive touch screen and similar size, there's more than a few things that the iPad and Wii U have in common, but those commonalities clearly weren't enough for this LEGO Maniac.

The LEGO Maniac in question is YouTube user Kooberz, who felt the need to upgrade his existing (but sadly non-functional replica) LEGO Wii. In the video, he takes apart his LEGO Wii and updates it using a ton of sorted LEGO bricks to reflect the new design of Nintendo's latest console.

The most impressive part of the video is how he essentially makes the world's coolest iPad case by replicating the touch screen controller by building a LEGO Wii U case around it. The results are very cool and surprisingly accurate to the original design.

By the way, if you recognize the music in the video and can't put your finger as to where, it's from the Super Nintendo classic, Donkey Kong Country.