The LEGO Bento Box Makes it Socially Acceptable to Play With Your Food

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: instructables & foodiggity
Build, stack and craft -- and when you get tired, pop the blocks into your mouth for a hearty and satisfying lunch with the LEGO Bento box.

If you're not a handy cook, then this spin on classic Japanese cuisine might be a little out of your league. The Instructables user who goes by the name of 'A Japanese Housewife' uses various ingredients -- eggs, leaks, cheese and ham -- to sculpt her LEGO creations. It is a process that takes a lot of patience and dedication, and is all done by hand (with the assistance of chopsticks for intricate details). She arranges the colorful sushi into a bento box filled with mincemeat and rests the LEGO logo made of egg ontop.

The LEGO Bento box is a hearty and pleasing way to package your lunch, especially if you appreciate the creative opportunities of the little blocks.