These Smart Brick Concrete Blocks Make Building Faster and Cheaper

 - Jul 29, 2014
References: kitebricks & springwise
Kite Bricks Ltd. is hoping their Smart Brick is the future of architecture. Similar to LEGO building blocks, the concrete pieces slot together, ideally making building structures a quicker and less expensive process.

The Smart Brick is made out of a durable concrete material, with LEGO-like raised bumps on the top and indentations on the bottom so the real-life blocks can easily fit together. These blocks are sealed with a special adhesive in addition to reinforcing rods that are used in standard construction practice. The bricks also have room inside them for elements like insulation, wiring, plumbing and other infrastructure.

Currently Kite Bricks' building blocks are in the prototype phase, but the company has high hopes for its innovative future.