Habitat Make Us Blind Exhibit Imagines the Possibilities for Vacant Lots

 - May 14, 2011
References: arcfreeze & archdaily
This series of conceptual images entitled Habitat Make Us Blind, created by EspaiMGR, use the vacant lots that punctuate the urban landscape of downtown Valencia, Spain as its starting point. From there, the artists have created images of LEGO structures that fill the spaces and add a level of unexpected creativity to the cityscape.

EspaiMGR projects the creative possibilities that exist for these vacant spaces by summoning a childlike view of the world and the immediate surroundings. The Habitat Make Us Blind series is unique not only because it projects LEGOs onto vacant lots but also because of the unconventional spaces and structures that they create.

The Habitat Make US Blind series is an exciting attempt to imagine how we could design out cities if we looked at our immediate surroundings with childlike awe.