Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas are Fragile and Mobile

 - Aug 28, 2012
References: tkd.slackerzgroup & fastcodesign
Carnival costumes are often known for their vibrant colors, sparkling sequins and skin-revealing cuts; while Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas certainly focuses on the latter, the first two points are intriguingly neglected. Most participants may want to show off their brightest feathers, but Trinidadian architect investigates something a little different: the relationship between architecture, the female body and performance.

The costumes that comprise Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas are made out of paper. Intricately folded and shaped into avant-garde forms, "The costumes are an ephemeral architecture--fragile and mobile. They are, in a way, architecture of the persona," according to the designer. She believes that the costumes help people to lose their "inhibitions and becoming something new and different."