- Jul 22, 2014
Wearable origami attire and cardboard-constructed ensembles are just some of these bold examples of paper couture. The innovative and fashion-forward designs aim to challenge tradition and are an example of the eco-conscious fashion movement.

Whether designed from newspapers, cardboard or a mix of recycled materials, these paper couture examples are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Standouts from the list include tiered paper wedding gowns and wearable postcard outfits that embody an avant-garde visual aesthetic.

Other notable examples from the list include Bea Szenfeld's Spring/Summer 2014 collection that takes its visual inspiration from various architectural forms. Furthermore, designer Saskia Diez' eco luggage design is also a fan favorite thanks to its unique concept that is constructed using a durable, synthetic paper material called Tyvek.

From Scrunched Paper Bag Attire to Cardboard Jewelry Pieces: