Expressive Wearables by Sangli Li Shields Against Unwanted Interactions

 - May 21, 2014
References: sanglidesign & fastcodesign
Not many people are wise in the ways of expressing their distaste for unwanted or unsavory interactions with others; Expressive Wearables helps by stepping in for them. Taking on the form of a very fancy hat, one that is worthy of the Kentucky Derby events, Expressive Wearables responds to people's movements in ways that sends warning signals.

For instance, when a person leans in for a kiss, the choker part of the Expressive Wearables flares out to keep his or her distance. In response to shouting, a similar reaction happens, but around the ears instead. Designed by interaction designer Sangli Li, a student at California's Art Center College of Design, Expressive Wearables appears to be made up of paper fans. Although it has no filter, it is full of fine elegance.