Using Only Paper, ​Lisa Catterson​ Creates Chic Accout

 - May 1, 2013
References: lisacatterson & craftbritain
Paper is a utilitarian office supply that's often taken for granted, but artist ​Lisa Catterson​ switches up the traditional perceptions of what can be done with the pulpy matter by creating beautiful pieces of abstract jewelry.

Catterson's work is made using multiple sheets of thick paper, most of which is made and cut by hand with a finite of her other works being laser-cut. Looking overtly futuristic, Catterson's work is mostly done in a monochrome color scheme with the majority of the pieces being accented with industrial materials like oxidized white metal.

It seems like there's little a vivid imagination and a little bit of ingenuity can't create, which is evident with Catterson's paper jewelry, which can be found on exhibit in various galleries across Europe.