These Mini Corn Dog Muffins Offer a Taste of the Midway State

Bring a taste of the carnival to your kitchen with these darling Mini Corn Dog Muffins from the delicious blog 'In Sock Monkey Slippers.' The talented blogger Meredith wanted to create a slightly healthier alternative to the devilishly delicious deep fried versions you find at state fairs everywhere. She simply placed a piece of hot dog smack dab in the middle of her favorite corn muffin recipe and she was left with a perfectly decadent and wonderfully portable snack.

Bursting with all the naughty flavor you have come to expect from a corn dog, these Mini Corn Dog Muffins are the perfect alternative when the real deal is scarce. An interesting take on a snack few can stand to resist, these piggy muffins are destined to become instant favorites in your household. Capture a bit of the whimsy of carnival season with these tasty tidbits and chase those winter blues away.

Decadent, fun and playful, these Mini Corn Dog Muffins will have your family members singing your praises.