The Domestic Fits Inside Out Caramel Apples Look Superbly Scrumptious

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: domesticfits
The Domestic Fits Inside Out Caramel Apples take the traditional caramel apple and turn it on its head. Many caramel apple connoisseurs often claim that the ratio of caramel to apple is always off. This results in a situation where there is too much apple and not enough caramel or vice versa -- a lose-lose situation for all.

Instead of putting caramel on the exterior of the apple, the Domestic Fits Inside Out Caramel Apples recipe suggests a more invasive approach from inside the apple. By following the instructions on the Domestic Fits website, individuals will be hollowing out apples, filling them with gooey caramel and drizzling them with chocolate in no time at all.

Bring carnival favorites into the house without the mess and without the inflated prices commonly seen at fairs with this DIY sugar-filled dessert.