Helfried Valenta Captures the Allure of After Hours Amusement Parks

Once the rides are powered down, the carnies retire to their abodes and Helfried Valenta enters the abandoned world of the Vienna's Prater amusement park. The series is titled Copper Nights and features shots of the carnival after closing hours, when the allure of the disappearing sunlight reflects off of the closed down rides and stalls.

Valenta's photography is a blend of carefully selected angles and shots with a fair amount of exposure. The composition of the photographs look almost like paintings, the wide color palette feels somewhat impossible yet undeniably captivating.

A world separated from the rest, the Prater amusement park finds a different type of life after the crowds have left. As the sun reduces to no more than a sliver a glow envelops the park, replacing artificiality with magnificence.