The Manoj Jadhav 'RUH' Series is Dark and Curious

 - Jun 25, 2012
References: manojjadhav & photographyserved
Many people find clowns, circuses and sideshows more off-putting than they do amusing and this Manoj Jadhav 'RUH' helps explain why that's the case.

From an aggressive ringmaster with a painted face to dispondant mimes, the Mumbai, India-based photographer focuses in on dark and eccentric elements of circuses. This mood is not limited to only the objects of the photography either.

Jadhav cleverly employs a black and white color-scheme and muted lighting to heighten the series's dark and surreal feel. This aesthetic helps to create an atmosphere in which Jadhav's characters seem natural despite the fact that there is nothing else in the series aside from them.

Although Jadhav's photography may not be the sort of thing one would want to frame and put on their wall for guests and acquaintances to see, it definitely has an original if dark appeal.