- May 16, 2014
The previous three seasons of American Horror Story have had their fair share of creepy moments, but with a character named "Killer Clown," Ryan Murphy promises that American Horror Story: Freak Show will be "quite terrifyingly dark."

The AHS anthology series has already taken viewers on torturous seasons through different settings and periods of time, including a haunted house, an asylum and a witch's coven. As fun as a 1950s circus should sound, it could be one of the most terrifying yet, especially since it will play on the phobia of clowns.

Although the details on AHS: Freak Show are pretty vague, you can probably expect that the Killer Clown will probably be even more terrifying than the ones captured in these scary clown photos.

A Tribute to the American Horror Story: Freak Show Killer Clown: