'Circus Depression' by Peter Lundstrom is Eerie

Art director and photographer Peter Lundstrom puts both of his disciplines to work in his ongoing project 'Circus Depression.'

The set design achieves an eeriness that many Hollywood horror flicks fail to pull off. Desolate, decaying scenes play background to the real stars of the show, clowns. The mere mention of that word for many conjures images of scary movies and sleepless childhood nights. Indeed, the clowns that Lundstrom shoots in this series are not the kind you'd expect to make balloon animals. They are more reminiscent of a depression-era circus than a children's entertainer. This is seen in their run-down zoot-suits, their tired, yet still menacing expressions and, of course, the dilapidated buildings and roads they inhabit.

The photography is excellent as well. Each shot enhances the mood that the set design and costumes evoke.