- Sep 18, 2013
Robin Williams in drag made the 1990s classic Mrs. Doubtfire. To celebrate the comedian's return to television, this collection looks at other instances of cross-dressing, whether it was for comedic effect, or to be provocative or to raise awareness.

In fashion, photography gender-swapping is a common concept, whether it involves women dressed in menswear, or men in dresses or other feminine apparel. This can be seen in lower end ads or in haute couture. On the advertising side of things, cross-dressing is often used as a shock and awe tactic.

Celebrities and other recognizable characters also wear the clothing typically associated with the opposite sex. Robin Williams in drag is a great example of this, which can be seen in Re-Cut Comedy Classics and Movie Songstress Hybrid Blogs.

Robin Williams in Drag Makes for Classic Career Performances: