Major League by Emmanuel Giraud Puts Outfielders in Frocks

Most buff male athletes don't exactly express the type of physique optimized for wearing women's clothing, which is in part what makes Major League by Emmanuel Giraud such a compelling photographic essay on cross-dressing. There's nothing androgynous about Greg Kheel's muscular and hyper-masculine stature, but it can't be said that he does not do these gorgeous garments justice.

Quite carefully, Bex Sheers styled these surprising spreads with the intention of contrasting the soft fabrics, delicate details and hourglass structure of ladies' luxury fashion against the toughness of the male model. The success of these photographs can be attributed to the strength of the artistic collaboration, as well as the subject's perfectly sculpted body and piercing facial features. Major League by Emmanuel Giraud is enough to make girls swoon over this ball player's success at possibly wearing dresses better than they do.