In Tribute to Paris Men's Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2014

 - Jul 3, 2013
This year's Paris Men's Fashion Week consisted of a very wide range of looks. But if there was one item that was sure to make a consistent appearance on every runway, it would be the button-down shirt. From dapper dress shirts to checkered collared shirts, button-downs were once again a huge part of completing spring and summer menswear looks. The best thing about buttoned shirts is that they come in all cuts and colors -- there's bound to be something that works for every individual.

While Paul Smith chose to go with soft and more minimalistic shirts, the runway for Hermès saw button-downs that were a bit more rugged and even rustic. The collection embraced industrial looks with crisp cuts and square chest pockets, while also infusing a bohemian attitude with relaxed textures and not-quite-perfect fits. One piece even took the classic short-sleeved button-down look to the next level -- a full-length romper.