'A Man to Suit' Makes Formal Dress Look Off-the-Cuff

There is indeed a chic way to make fancy dinner wear look casual, and the technique is captured in 'A Man to Suit' by Dennison Bertram. The suave spreads are found in 1883 Magazine's second issue and would do well to inspire young gents to take pride in what they don.

Russian male model Philipp Kharabarin begins in skinny sweatpants and a wrinkled T-shirt before graduating to retro shorts and a structured blazer. A collared shirt is then incorporated, the geeky hipster glasses are dropped and fitted slacks complete the dapper look.

While the subject seems to have adopted a more debonaire form of dress, 'A Man to Suit' succeeds in avoiding the stuffy look worn on his sleeve. In part it is due to the mod and geometric dinner jacket styled by Oliver Green.