- Jul 22, 2013
As the world is buzzing about Kate Middleton in labor, we can't help but be curious about the newborn that will be next to join the Cambridge royals. The theme of royalty has always been prevalent, documented in paintings and portraits since centuries ago. In the fashion industry as of lately, regal themes have been revamped and collaborated with other styles like punk. Captured in these ambient editorials, these royalty-resembling photoshoots prove that the traditional look of royalty can be spiced up.

Fashion designer Dolce & Gabbana played around with regal style in an editorial for VMan magazine. While the models were sporting traditional regal attire like the red suit, they were also covered in rags and contemporary casual fabrics. The contrast between the tailored clothing and loose drapes was a bit peculiar, but nevertheless artistic in its way of revamping royalty.

Paying Tribute to the Regal Duchess Kate Middleton in Labor: