Brenda Mutoni Shows Off Ethereal Gowns and Sculpted Hairstyles

Fashion designer Rubin Singer and photographer Surachai Saengsuwan have teamed up to produce an absolutely stunning editorial featuring decadent, royalty-worthy gowns and futuristically sculpted hairstyles.

The editorial, titled 'New Magic,' stars Canadian model Brenda Mutoni. Her striking poses and almost religious reverence complement the quiet elegance of each dress, while her tall frame supports each large and artfully designed hairstyle with grace.

Singer's designs are awe-inspiring. His red, strapless ball gown pops from the editorial's pages, falling softly towards the ground with a paper-like quality. His leather bodice has a futuristic feel, and goes perfectly with Mutoni's cylindrical hairstyle, complemented by dainty flowers scattered throughout her coif.

This editorial demonstrates that old ideas can be modernized with a few strokes of creativity. These dresses are just as elegant as formalwear has ever been, but by adding a little futuristic flair here and there -- such as a leather bodice -- and pairing them with some wild and crazy hairstyles, these ensembles become intriguingly new; they're unlike anything that anyone has seen before.