'Biblique' in L'Officiel Hommes #17 Features Painful Juxtapositions

'Biblique' in L'Officiel Hommes #17 is an editorial with some curious juxtapositions. Model Lucien Thomkins is photographed by Milan Vukmirovic in a variety of neutral menswear as well as spikes, wires and mesh. The way the photos are paired makes for a curious juxtaposition; in the first image, stick-on tacks are placed across Thomkins' face, chest and neck. The accompanying fashion photo is of Thomkins in leather opera gloves and a collared vest.

The images within 'Biblique' in L'Officiel Hommes #17 don't clear up as the editorial continues. Wires, restraints and mesh is couples with blazers, button-downs and all-black outfits. Check out the full series above.