The Matthew Kruszelnicki by ARROYOWORKS! Editorial is Comfortably Styled

The Matthew Kruszelnicki by ARROYOWORKS! photo shoot features comfy menswear perfect for holiday lounging. The fresh-faced model stars in his photo debut, while wearing a crisp white dress shirt, tailored suit jacket, relaxed knits, fitted trousers and other winter-ready pieces. Matthew rocks his first photo series, exuding an undeniable confidence and an effortlessly cool style. These sleek and clean studio captures feature a mix of formal and casual gear, styled to perfection.

The shoot's fashionable yet comfortable wardrobe outfitted by Hakari Bee and Jilibaldo Jimenez features designer selects from the likes of Kai-aakmann and many others. Matthew's strategically sculpted coif by Shinobu Ozawa adds the finishing touches to his clean and boyish look. The model, a Brooklyn native shines in the portrait series proving that his face will be one to remember.