The EasyBaked Cotton Candy Fizz Drink is Festive and Kid-Friendly

 - Aug 29, 2012
If you're looking for a playful and easy drink to serve at your next party, consider taking the EasyBaked cotton candy fizz recipe for a spin. Using ordinary pop and cotton candy, Ruthanne of EasyBaked shows you how to create this bubbly beverage.

Simply pour a glass of Sprite or any clear carbonated drink into a glass, then mix in pieces of fluffy cotton candy. The classic carnival treat will begin to fizz and transform your crystal clear drink into a vibrant cocktail. You can even get creative and mix colors to create your own customized hues. This mad science concoction is sure to put smiles on kids as they watch their drinks bubble and shift colors.

The EasyBaked cotton candy fizz drink is an effortless and kid-friendly way to add life to ordinary sodas.