'Stupid as Me' by Nicola Ferrarese is an Ode to Dimness

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: facebook & nicolaferrarese
Circus performers with dull faces caught while having a break, animals staring at you with foolish eyes, everything fixed with acrylic on wood in bright colors and neat paint strokes. This is the visual imagery of Nicola Ferrarese, an italian illustrator, creative director, and co-managing director of the evergrowing Treviso Comic Book Festival since 2009. In days like this, when everyone seems to run after artist's statements, Nicola Ferrarese doesn't care about explanations and seraphically declares in his website that he loves coffee and people having fun. His subjects may look foolish, dumb, or quite dull sometimes, but well, isn't it the same for us? Several recent paintings are entitled Stupid as Me. Maybe it's time to stop striving for perfection, starting to enjoy our naïve side without being afraid of what people may think. After all, recently, even big brands have encouraged people to be stupid.

And if you fell in love with some of these creatures, if you found yourself mirrored in one of his characters, Nicola Ferrarese offers custom illustrations and wall paintings.